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Skill Training

6-15 years

Simply Play Better Football - with Better Technique, Tricks & Coordination


The MFS Skill Training (SET) is designed for ambitious children who want extra football training on top of their current training workload at their club. The focus of this training program is on improving technical and coordination skills. Due to the small training groups and individual training procedures, the courses are also suitable for young football beginners from the age of 6 years old. 
In our skill training can participate up to 12 children, through our philosophy and structure we guarantee you the highest quality and repetition in the execution of our techniques (dribbling, tricks, shots).



The children learn here that it is not only the winning of a game that is motivating, but the further development of their own skills - especially technical skills. This is linked to an increased enjoyment of the game and self-confidence, which in turn leads to a further improvement in football skills. The players should learn to love PLAYING football and not just beating the opponent and winning games. This principle is applied to all MFS offerings: Learning to play football comes before winning.



What is the focus of the skill training?

The skill training is designed for soccer-enthusiastic and ambitious players for whom the training workload in their club is not sufficient as well as players that want to improve their technical skills. The focus of the training is on improving technical and coordination skills. The players learn to really playing soccer. The focus is on increasing the joy of playing and self-confidence, which in turn leads to the improvement of soccer skills.

  • First touch OF HIGH AND FLAT BALLS
  • SHOOTING TECHNIQUES for strong and weak foot


How old are players that attend the skill training?

The skill training is designed for soccer-enthusiastic and ambitious players aged 7-15 years.


Where, when and for how long does the skill training take place?

Course location and time can be found in our website: Choose the training near you and either book the course by pressing on “I want to book the course” or come for a free trial. To register for a free trial please press on “I want to book a free training” and follow the steps. Our skill training takes place once a week for 60 min. Training does not take place during vacation periods and on public holidays.


What does the skill training cost?

The training costs 140 SGD / 4 weeks. For siblings the fee is reduced by 10% to 126 SGD / 4 weeks.

N.B.: At Telok Blangah Rise Primary School there are no pitch costs at the moment, hence the fee could be reduced to 70 SGD / month.



What equipment do I need?

Weather-appropriate training clothes, soccer shoes (indoor shoes if the training takes place indoors) and sufficient drinks.


What are the registration and cancelation terms and conditions?

The trial training is free of charge. For the trial training, the online registration form shown after you press „I want to book a free trial“ must be completed in full. You will receive a confirmation email. The course itself can be booked by pressing “I want to book the course” and filling in the details.

The skill training course is a subscription course which is invoiced every month on the same day the initial payment was done. Please note that the cancellation period is 2 months after receipt of the cancellation, which means that two more monthly subscription payments will have to be made.

You may cancel the subscription at any time, subject to the 2-month notice period, by sending an email to the following email address stating the subscription order number and the player for whom you wish to cancel the subscription.


In order to provide the best soccer education for your kids, we know from experience, that it takes time for the children to adapt to our philosophy and structure of exercises. Within this period of time you will clearly see improvement regarding both skills and personality.


You receive a 10% discount for:

•          Siblings joining any of our mfs subscription courses

•          Holidays:

  • Camps (3-5 days per week)
  • Power training (2 hours high intensity training per day)

Please note that discounts granted can not be compounded.



What happens if I am sick or injured?

Please let us know by mail or phone. We will inform the coach of your child's absence. Fees are not refundable for illness or injury. Since we have to pay coaches and court fees regardless of the number of participants, we cannot refund fees here. We ask for your understanding for this.

There is also no possibility to pause subscriptions.

The only possible exception for pausing a subscription is if a player is ill for a longer timeperiod (>3 weeks) and has provided a medical certificate.

However – if you miss a session due to illness you can ask MFS for a Make up Session. MFS can – on a voluntary basis – offer a make up session to you. A Make up session enables you to attend another course of the same or equal course type at no fee or a reduced fee. If there are no training sessions of the same or equal course type available, MFS cannot offer Make up sessions. Whether a fee is charged to the customer for attending a Make up session or the Make up session is provided at no cost to the customer is at the discression of MFS.

Please note that make up sessions are only a voluntary service of MFS and do not form part of the normal offering of MFS as you are solely responsible for attending a paid for training session.

Furthermore Make up sessions can be taken only if MFS has offered them and the number of participants in the training course chosen for the Make up session is small enough, i.e. that the number of participants is not negatively influencing the quality of a training session.

Make up Sessions are offered by MFS on a voluntary basis only and are non refundable in any case, for example in case a customer is missing the agreed upon Make up session.


What happens during the MFS holiday breaks with the subscription fee for the course?

In each location we have breaks which MFS informs about on a regular basis. During these breaks there are no regular weekly trainings taking place as we have camps, powertrainings and trainer education in that timeperiod.

PLEASE Note that your subscription will continue also during the holiday period as the subscription fee is an averaged price for the whole year which includes the 10% discount and the time spent to educate our coaches.

In case you do not want not to be charged for the time when MFS has a break please make sure you hand in your notice on time (i.e. taking into account the 2 months cancelation period)


When I go on a longer holiday myself do I need to cancel or can my subscription be paused?

In case you do not want to pay for the subscription fee during your holiday break please make sure you cancel your subscription on time and in case you decide to continue with the MFS education after your holiday please enrol again. MFS has no possibility to pause a subscription for the duration of your holiday break.



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